Personal Savings


Minimum to Open: £100.00
Interest: Compounded daily on available balance and paid quarterly.
Maintenance Fee:
     Average daily available balance ≥ £300: NO FEE
     Average daily available balance < £300: £4.00/month
Activity Charge:
     First three withdrawals/transfers per month: NO CHARGE
     Additional withdrawals/transfers per month: £5.00 each

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(For ages under 18)
Minimum to Open: NO MINIMUM
Interest: Compounded daily on available balance and paid quarterly.
Maintenance Fee: NO FEE
Activity Charge:
     NO CHARGE for withdrawals but limitations apply

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Minimum to Open: £150.00
Interest: Compounded daily and paid by credit to another account or capitalized to the CD (account holder's choice)
Maintenance Fee: NONE
Activity Charge: Penalties apply for early withdrawal.

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Minimum to Open: £1,000.00
Talk to a Platinum Customer Service Representative for details.


*Disclosure: For all Money Market and Savings accounts there is a Regulatory Limit of 6 transfers and/or withdrawals per month to another account at our bank or to a third party by means of or automatic transfer, Online Banking or telephone agreement order or instruction, or by check, draft, debit card, or similar order to third parties. No regulatory limits apply to in person transfers or withdrawals. However, excess activity fees will apply.

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