Our Story

Our Story 

A business relationship is at its best when it’s founded on earned trust, shared goals and mutual understanding.  At NIMB Limited, our story starts with how we do business with you.

NIMB Limited thrives on the principles of providing impeccable service and delivering a premier banking experience to businesses of all size, as well as individual clients. As a full-service bank serving six cities in Europe and two in Africa, our roots run deep in each community and our goal is to be the best community bank you know. We are committed to becoming your most valued asset in helping you reach your financial goals.

At NIMB Limited, we realize your money represents time well spent, goals reached, sacrifices made and challenges yet to overcome. But there’s always a next step. Whether it’s in the form of applying for a loan to construct new office space, opening a business checking or savings account, getting a line of credit or starting a conversation about how to maximize your financial success, you want your money to work hardest for you in the hands of people you trust. This is where our stories merge.

As your Bank, we strive to see eye to eye. Our modern banking services and superior expertise could stand alone, but we choose to accompany them with a firm handshake and personal contact. As forward-thinkers with high quality products and personalized service, we make sure each new initiative aligns with our promise to stick to doing business the right way. After all, we’re not just your community bank, but also your trusted ally.

Every account comes with more than just an account number — you are entrusting your personal and business assets to the safety of our vaults and the expertise of our experienced staff. You value what your money represents to you, and we value the trust you place in us.

We are NIMB Limited . Let’s talk face to face.

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